Wednesday, January 25, 2012

01.25.12 Occupy...vacant loft space for last minute practice...

     Well it's getting down to the wire. I have been reading and practicing for my FFF CI (casting instructor's) test. I am sure most of you don't care, or have already passed it. I think at this point I am doing worse then better. I hit a plateau about two days ago where things were going well, then things just stopped working. Wide loops, snaps here and there, couldn't find the middle of a hula-hoop, and my roll casts weren't rolling. Had to start back at the grip, then wumpf-wumpf ( Mel Kreiger style). Today was better but the last two days a NW wind has been killing me. So earlier today I occupied a vacant loft space and attempted to practice inside simulating the testing conditions. Well I could have used 40 more feet in length, 10 more feet wide, and definitely 10 more feet high. And, the flouro light fixture didn't help much either.
     After this I had to give it a break and found that the wind had died down tonight and by casting near street lights I could see my line roll out on both the front and back casts...maybe all is not lost.