Sunday, December 31, 2017

12.31.17 Sad news before the end of the year.....

     On the last day of this tough year I got up to have a cup of coffee and watch the news. My heart sank when I learned of a Newark fireman in grave condition following a multi-alarm fire in the cities North Ward. It happened last night in a tire joint on Park Ave right near Summer and Bloomfield Avenues. It's a building I know, and may have a fire in myself when I was on the job. 

     Paul Leber is from 7 Engine and has been on the job 10 years. It sounds like evacuation tones were sounded and was separated from his men briefly and was found by his company and Rescue 1. He was brought to UMDNJ and transferred to Jacobi in the Bronx, I'm thinking for the hyperbaric chamber treatment. Godspeed Brother. 

    Each year has its highs and lows. This year we got hit hard a big low. The holidays have ben tough since Ryan's death. I miss my son greatly. Since he went to school and lived away from home I still catch myself thinking he's just away and will be returning soon. I hope 2018 brings health and happiness, and better striped bass fishing, to you and yours. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

12.19.17 Been awhile and it'll be awhile......

     It's been about 10 days since I was last out. Anglers up and down the coast have been having fun with the micro and schoolie bass as of late. They're chasing small bait and herring. Funny thing is the herring chasers are usually those fat footballs from 20" to keeper sized bass.

     I was excited to go but then got bored real quick. Incoming. Flat. Gin clear. Not signs of bait or birds. I started on the beach and then moved to Ryan's Rock. It's interesting when you spread a loved ones ashes somewhere and the connection you have with them and that spot. Ryan was never on that rock, nor on Phillips, but for me it is a place where I feel a connection. It was worth getting up from bed early for that.

     I fished for about an hour and managed two little guys. That's it for me. Lot going on. Tough holidays this year. Wrapping up school. Maybe a move in our near future. You never know where life is going to take you.

Friday, December 8, 2017

12.08.17 A few before the first snow.....

      Busy week and not much fishing. Seems like guys are chomping at the bit for things to change. There's more bait around and herring and maybe sand eels are close and keeping the little guys busy. I headed down tonight on the start of the incoming and landed seven in the near dark. There was just enough light around from the cloud hidden moon to feel like I wasn't fishing at night. Water was flat and I didn't see any sign of life so it was finding some spots with water and blind casting. 

     Sad news this week along the Jersey Shore as bigger water and wind claimed the life of Ronald Moore, 69. of Union, who was fishing Fisherman's Beach on Sandy Hook. Allegedly a wave had taken his gear off the beach and into the water and he went in to get it. A fellow fisherman witnessed it and alerted authorities who were able to locate his body but he was pronounced dead at Monmouth Medical hours later. RIP Ron. It could happen to any one of us. Very sad. 

Joe Pheiffer photo
     And Joe sent me this photo from a morning outing in real fishy looking water. Looks like he was using a sand eel imitation. I just wish there were fish the next size up to keep things interesting. A December fish thats bigger than 26" will probably be the pool winner. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

12.04.17 Back from the North Country....

     This past weekend we decided to have a change of scenery and headed up to my sisters house in Saranac Lake. The cool country air does the body, mind and soul good. Although it was quick it was nice to see my sister and her family and spend some time outdoors. Above is the view from one of the high peaks, well, not really, its Baker Mountain in Saranac lake.

     It was back to clinical and cramming in to meet the requirement for hours for this semester. After I went down to the ocean. It was just about dead low and it looked like the dead sea. Not sure what the large structure on pillars is off Deal but I am sure its up to no good. I gave it a go walking out on the bar but didn't get a tap. I planned on heading back out this evening in the dark.

     I got down around 5 o'clock and it was just past the mid-flood tide. The big moon and the E-SE wind had some bigger water and waves rolling in. I found a perch on the rocks and used a black and purple sand eel fly which I got eight to eat. The biggest was 24" which is this falls keeper-sized-prize. I have heard of some bigger fish, the 26-32", being caught down south. And I still am reading about 6-800 fish days on the Captree boats in New York. If that bait and those fish don't move then they will all be caught and kept, or gaffed and released.

    Rain and cold on the way so who knows what will happen. Seems like less and less anglers out until word hits when someone starts catching consistently, or a keeper is caught and posted online. Would be nice to have some bigger fish hit the beaches, at least up this way.