Sunday, September 30, 2018

09.30.18 Beautiful but slow day jumping around....

     Had Matthew out for his first striper trip. We started before first light on the start of the incoming and worked hard where we found water but found no fish. We moved inside and worked a handful of spots but only found tiny blues chasing bait. Got word from a passing marine unit saying, "they're blowing up on peanuts" in another location we moved with that Intel. The journey wasn't easy, and although it didn't pay off, we were glad to be onto real fishy water. I wish we had a different tide, not 

as much boat traffic, and more moon then sunlight. He was eager to learn and said the day met all his needs even though we couldn't find the bass. A few of those spots haunt me and I just might have to make a night run soon.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

09.29.18 Albies goin' good today....

......well not really. My first mate and I went down to look for a rod that I thought I had left there last week. As we left the marina we talked about how beautiful a day it was out on the water. After a call to a friend who said "Go" we did just that.


     We had the top and the outgoing. We put some miles on the engine, the Hook, Breezy, Gravesend, Hoffman, north of the VZ, back to the Hook, Keansburg and then home. Saw about 40 birds and boats anchored up all looking for porgies. I made a few blind casts just to do it. Now, there may be fish around but we were looking for birds and heads, I know its early, but it was really nice out there. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

09.27.18 Gave the late shift a go.....

     Hit some spots in the back from 930 until 130 am. Started along the bay on the incoming and then stopped in spots working my way up the two rivers. Ended fishing the dock lights on the start of the outgoing. Peanuts spraying out of the water pretty consistently but I could get a bite on top or underneath. Threw this double barrel popper for a while (didn't have black) and then a purple and black Hollow Flye. I don't know what was on the bait but I stayed way longer then I should have but not getting a tap really frustrated me. I am due for some good fishing......

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

09.26.18 Tough morning in the salt....

    Had the pleasure of fishing with Gary this morning who gave his first shot in the salt along the Jersey Shore a try. He worked hard, for a long time, but we couldn't get a tug. South wind, big moon, end of the incoming and start of the outgoing. Had a flurry before the flip as birds were over bass over anchovies on the other side of the breakers. The life lasted about 30 minutes before the bright sun came out and it seemed to shut down in an instant.

     We talked a lot about bass, the Jersey beaches and fly fishing and I think he has a good foundation to start the sickness of chasing striped bass. He asked a few times about bluefish and I hoe to get him into the bay in the spring for the gator invasion. We'll give it another go in a few weeks as the run gets going stronger.

     Its mullet time and that means tying up my favorite fly, Lou Tabory's Snake Fly. Last night, late, I was at my Regal Vise cranking out a good assortment to offer. The key is good ostrich herl if you can find it. The best stuff comes hand picked from the fly fishing shows.

    After we parted, and being frustrated we didn't hook up, I spent an hour down on sweet looking water. I didn't find a fish but I did find lots of my waders. Sorry Orvis, this has to end. I bought these for this past June's Martha's Vineyard trip. They leaked on the second day. So, being

always frustrated with the wader situation I have ordered a pair of Simm's G3 boot foots with the felt soles. I can't wait to be dry again while fishing!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

09.24.18 Nice 45 minute stop....

     Between school drop-offs and clinical start time I had a short window to hit the beach. ENE wind blowing 20-25 with sloppy water made me happy. This are my favorite conditions. The mullet and anchovies were getting tossed are in tight and the bass were on them. Landed three in 45 minutes and dropped a few more. Left them jumping and wish I could have stayed.

     Don't know what its going to be like the next few days. The forecasts might be okay but the steady east may have the water off color and full of debris.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

09.23.18 Okay, here we go.....

     Hey whoever still comes and visits. I know my postings have been sporadic, and, well, that's just because that's the way it is. We're getting used to living "out west" and we absolutely love it. It means less opportunities on the beach but I am figuring out how to work it into my schedule. I have left Monmouth Medical to concentrate on my last year at Monmouth University. Balancing school and the clinical component is challenging.

Good news is I am guiding full time this fall, walk and wade or boat trips. If you are interested in getting out, for the first time or not, give me a call 732 261 7291 or email me at

    Speaking of the boat. It's all ready to go. Had it out for a run the other day and will be back out this week looking for albies and bass. 

     With Florence here and gone and the Harvest Moon about to pass Monday night the mullet and other baits should be starting to move. I have been out a handful of times the past week or so and have done well each time, except once, where I had the mid-morning skunk. They are smaller fish, 18-26 inches mostly. I expect bigger fish to start moving in when they get a wiff of the bait. The rain bait is around and the albies love that, along with the spearing and tiny peanuts, so we will start targeting them in the boat. I have been making some stops at the inlet but usually only find blues ripping through bait on the moving tides. 

     On Friday I joined Leif and put in a full four hour session from 4am -8. I only landed two fish but it was fun none-the-less. There was mullet around just not those classic v-patterns as the bait swims in the upper 1/3 of the water column. That's when you see those bass swirls or tail slaps. 

Leif Petersen photo

     As you know Snake Fly's are one of my favorites to tie and fish. It's been a combo of black and blue and chartreuse that have been catching for me. I'll be at it this week and hope to find the bigger siblings of the fish that I have been finding.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

09.05.18 Great cover this month in OTW


     Just before I left for Ireland I got an email from the editor of On The Water magazine staying they would like to run my picture on the cover. It was a mad dash trying to find my external hard drives and locate the image but it all worked out just before the issue went to press.

     Special thanks to Andrew Hamilton for being a great stick and a handsome lad that made making this image so easy. That’s Montauk lighthouse in the back. Its albie time and it looks like they are staring to show earlier than usual. I’ll be back at it this fall so if you’d like to join me on the boat or beach give me a call or text 732 261 7291