Tuesday, May 27, 2014

05.27.14 Early shot before heading north....



     Started way early trying to see if the mid incoming tide would fish any better. Threw black Kinky Mudllers in the dark and into the arrival of light. Incoming tide with a west wind had the water all but flat except right at the trough. Didn't get a tap but watched as the dolphins and whales fed on the bunker pods set up off the beach.
     I had the GoPro strapped on my head and gave it a go...hoping to catch a fish in the process. Fun to shoot, pain in butt to upload, edit, post, ect. But I think this could be an invaluable tool for my business as far as the talks and the blog go. Below is just a taste of it....I need to make sure the camera is centered and level on my head.

     After fishing I stopped on my way home and walked to the tip of a groin where some plug guys were fishing and they hadn't got anything. The bunker came tight while I was there and they used treble hooks to snag and drop which didn't produce.

Beautiful morning for a last taste of salt till next Monday or Tuesday.

Monday, May 26, 2014

05.26.14 Thanks to those who gave it all for us.....

     That just about says it all as we honor those men and women that gave their lives so we can lead a free and good life.

Todays post is just a bunch of different things....

First, I'm heading up to the Upper Delaware for the week and I have two open days for float trips this week. First is Wednesday May 28th and then Monday June 2nd. I also have Thursday June 5th open next week. It's $400 for two anglers includes lunch, shuttle, leaders, use of rods and a great time. Call me 732.261.7291 or email me colin@theaveragengler.com

     Next, last week I appealed to the daily readers of this blog and friends, clients, and family to give back as I look to provide video entertainment for ya'll. Well, soon after I started to get a few envelopes in the mail. I would like to thank those that sent in some money, and if you haven't but would like to there is still time. It is all much appreciated. 
     My business partner Marc at Agency New Jersey, HERE,  is by far a better photographer and tech savy person then I am. He has always loved video and when GoPro came out he was right in with it. I told him what I, well what we, are looking to do and this morning he brought over his collection for me to try out. I can see this could be dangerous. I'll be heading out with 3 GoPros and every type of mount you could have and more batteries and memory cards then you could fill.
     Hopefully after the next week of shooting, and some more money, I'll be able to make the best decision and either buy a used older generation camera or a new one. 

     And lastly headed out before 5 at the end of the incoming. Made two casts in big surf crashing at my feet and caught a 20" striper which was the only fish of the short morning. Did shoot the shit with a bunch of sharpies that clued me on about the collection of guys that were on the beach last Friday night....20, 30, and 40 pound bass in tight crashing on bunker. It doesn't happen everyday...but when it does.....and you're the only guy on the end of the groin it can be a memory of a lifetime.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

05.25.14 Nice morning out there with plenty of perfect fly rod ready bass around.....

     So I think I have ruined another Canon G12. Went to make some image this morning and the lens won't retract and when you power it on it just hums. So I had to rely on my iPhone to snap a few pics. iphone cameras are great, but I am glad I don't rely on them to capture images.

     Started out at 5 am with high tide at 508. Went as far out on the groin as I could before being swept off my feet and thrown into the rocks. That hurt. I was my first wipeout on the rocks this year. My first surf wipeout was a few weeks ago with the Lorahs'...that happened within five minutes of me telling them about watching big waves in the surf.


     Went with the spey rod throwing big bunkery flies left and right of the groin. High tide, coming off a new moon tide, and big swells kept me busy. Lots of boats out and bunker from north to south out a ways. Got done with the spey rod and switched to the single handed rod with the Depth Charge line and a small yellow fly. I snapped a picture of the first fish I caught and then kept the iPhone in my bag for the next eleven...finished up with a dozen right on the nose. Smallest was the above, biggest around 22 inches. The big fish are chewing on bunker off the beach a ways, the smaller and micros are on the rocks and the beach.

     I have an opening for a half day walk and wade trip for tomorrow morning so if you'd like to give it a go send me an email or give me a call...732.261.7291 It's perfect for the beginner fly rodder or the person making the switch to the salt water. Start at 6 be done at 10 leaving plenty of time left in the day to honor those who sacrificed for our freedom and spend time with family and friends.

4 hour walk and wade trip with use of rods, flies, leaders ect and drinks is $200

Saturday, May 24, 2014

05.24.14 Tough day at the office...but spent it with two great guys

     Had Chris and Jack out for a tough, long, hard, but fun day. Started the day in the back casting poppers around happy bunker for a while. Worked our way to the front and stopped to fish some slop where Chris hooked and landed a nice bluefish. I even took a few pictures of him hooked up.....but only after we released the fish did I realize that when you look at the back of the camera and it says "No Card" that there was no proof for him. And yes, he said he needs proof, see he has a few fly fisher doubters in his family. So, yes, he did get one. 

     Last night Chris and I touched base and he said he wanted to come out into the ocean looking for stripers on the fly. So we abandoned the bluefish-in-the-back routine and set course for the ocean. It was a weird day, several wind changes, several temperature changes, and several sun in, sun out changes. And ask Jack, several calm to not so calm changes. We soon found the bunker which was


a welcome sight. In fact we found bunker pod after bunker pod. We watched them, we casted on top of them, we dredged under them, we even "acquired" one at each pod and swam it around, gently releasing each one unharmed, except for the new piercings. We took a pretty good ride south and were surprised at how little boat traffic there was, outside of the 1,000 boats fluking this morning. We joked

that probably somewhere there were lots of boats on lots of bass but their guide just had them in the wrong spot. On out way back we stopped by the pier and scouted for some bluefish. Yesterday they were there, blowing up, swirling and tailing...today...nada. We made out way back and stopped where we started...casting poppers around happy bunker. It was a great day with great guys...I am sure the joke tonight will be the ribbing Chris takes for not have proof he caught a fish on the fly rod.

Friday, May 23, 2014

05.23.14 Spent the day jumping bluefish......

     Sometimes people ask me what a great day on the water is like. Today was a prime example of that. Had Jeanette out for a full day and in the end it flt like it went really quick. She made a lot of casts, we covered a lot of water, and we talked a lot. Add to that some fronts that seem to pass us by and it was smooth sailing for most of the day.

     The highlight of the day was Jeanette popping up a nice bluefish that ate and then put on a dance.

     We were looking for the elusive striped bass and everywhere we went there were signs of bluefish. Blow-ups, fins, and even leaps kept us entertained and occupied.

     A trout bum at heart Jeanette had a great day and I am looking forward to more time spent with her. It looks like we'll be doing an Upper Delaware float in June and I am sure that day will be just as enjoyable.

05.20.13 Stellar three days on the Upper Delaware....

     So I had three days in a row guiding on the Delaware. Monday morning I got a call for a cancellation for Wednesday due to the recent rains and high water levels.....all I can say is.....the fishing was great. The trout love the high water and after things settled down the bugs came and the fish ate.

     On day one I had friends Guy and Herb in the boat. We threw streamers, landed a few smallmouths, ate some of Ray Turners smoked trout and mozzarella, had a great lunch Guy's wife made, and had a lot of laughs and a great time. The highlight of my three days was finding a pod of rising fish, the only of the day, and watching Herb catch a real nice rainbow.  The top picture says it all. 

     With the cancellation for Wednesday and no takers for the boat, fellow guide Bunky and I decided to have a guides day off, which means, we were unemployed for the day. Charlie had to stop by Ben Rinkers beautiful set up on the East Branch, HERE, before we went out for the day. As we talked Ben got the vibe that we were slumming it and wished he had known, he had a buddy in town and was looking for a boat. I turned to Charlie and gave him the look.....later. But Ben had other ideas. He called his buddy Bob and he wanted to buy half the boat for the day and join Charlie and I.....sold! 

      Since Bob was paying he got the best seat in the boat and he didn't disappoint. Streamer casts to inches off the bank and the same went we went to dry flies. Charlie moved one on a streamer during the first few hours......the it got cloudy.....then it rained....then it went off.

     Over the next several hours into dark we had a steady hendrickson hatch and heads in every direction. As the sun set spinners covered the water and that's what we threw, and that's what they ate.
We had to put over 20 fish in the net, flossed a bunch more, broke a few off....and the boys even let me get in on the action....and yes I broke off a beast....a perfect one that got away story.

     And today I had Mike out for a nice day.....lots of sun, maybe too much for a little while, before the clouds rolled in and the heavens opened up on us just as we took out....that included marble sized hail that lasted about 10 minutes. But right out of the gate, unlike the day before, we had fish up taking caddis and Mike worked a nice pod before landing the below brown in a not so traveled channel.

     The rest of the float was just nice. No waders to dodge, a few boats, lots of bugs, and heads up here and there. We did have a period of some wind blowing in our faces which was a little challenging in presenting flies to the rising fish. Mike landed another nice brown on a super long drift into an eating fish. We called it a day and started rowing out with sun in our faces and a front to our backs. Just

as we got to the ramp first the rain, then the wind- I almost lost the boat as the wind pulled it and the anchor out and downriver- then the hail. It stopped in about 15 minutes and then some sun showers before the rainbows started to paint the sky. I am sure when it all settled down and the sun set, the rainbows, trout that is, came out and up and stated sipping spinners.

Monday, May 19, 2014

05.19.14 Open drift on the Upper Delaware for Wednesday....

     Just had a cancellation for a float trip on the Upper Delaware for Wednesday. If you're up for throwing streamers in bigger water then give me a call. Rivers continue to drop so of course we will stop the boat for heads. I'll be up there from today on, 732.261.7291

05.19.14 Pretty morning but no takers.....

     Last night I convinced myself....."I am going to catch a big bass tomorrow before first light on my spey rod.... I am going to catch a big bass tomorrow before first light on my spey rod....I am going to catch a big bass tomorrow before first light on my spey rod...." Well, that didn't happen.

    Started out before first light throwing a black Montauk Monster with the spey off the front of the groin. Few birds here and there picking at small stuff but I didn't see any bunker or any signs of fish around. Jumped a set of rocks and found Richie with a spinning rod in hand having the same luck as me, at one point one of us saying, " It's over."

     Couldn't have asked for a prettier morning but the 46 degree air temps called for the StormR jacketto stay warm. Things should get better on the beach soon. My next few trips in the salt at the end of the week will be on the boat so we'll see.

Off to the Upper Delaware....

Sunday, May 18, 2014

05.18.14 Nice father and son trip out on the river....

     Nice to see a kids fishing. Nice to take a father and son fishing even more. Today I had my brother and nephew out for a trip on the river. It was a combo fly and spin trip looking to get Dylan on a bluefish. We had one hooked and lost it at the boat as I was ready to clamp down with the Boga grip. Saw some fish caught but not much in the way for bait. It was a nice day with good company.

      We weren't alone as we bumped into Captain Paul Eidman of Reel Therapy out doing the same fly and spin thing as us. They had a good day out there as we saw them tight a bunch of times throughout the morning. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

05.17.14 Calm after the storm.....

     Well it rained....and then it rained some more. The Upper Delaware rivers are blown out after the rain hit the rivers hard up there. We got it later in the day but had our share last night. Water down on the beach this morning was slightly off color and there were more surfers than fisherman out enjoying the swells. Worked a fly during the quick outing through ripping water on either side of the groin. Thinking tomorrow morning will be nice once the water settles down a bit and clears up. 

     I got a couple of calls looking for my two cents on the recent bunker fish kill in the Shark River that happened about a week ago. The NJ DEP is saying that an algae bloom caused the kill, I think otherwise. I talked about it with Paul Eidman from the Menhaden Defenders and we agreed that the event was a little odd. First, bunker don't normally stack up in the SR like that. People don't usually go there to "make bait". If you've ever been there on a low tide you can see the river gets very skinny. I, like others, think the bunker were chased into the river by the packs of marauding bluefish that have showed up in the surf, especially south of the Shark and Manasquan Rivers. 
     With all those fish in the river and a low tide the oxygen levels were depleted which may have caused the fish kill. All week, and including into yesterday, dead bunker continued to wash up along the Monmouth County beaches. 

     In the Shark River trapped in the marinas were tens of thousands of dead bunker. The image below was posted on Facebook. I heard bait shop owners and party boat captains were collecting the freshly killed fish in wheelbarrows. Glad to see them not all go to waste. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

05.16.14 Asking for you to give back to the blog.....

     So, here's where I am at. I enjoy writing this blog, nearly everyday. It's really like a diary of fishing the Upper Delaware and the Jersey Shore with other fly fishing stuff, and some personal stuff, mixed in. We are approaching 230,000 views. It takes a lot of work going out each day with camera in hand to produce original content for you to enjoy. Not only is there time involved in the shooting and then editing, there is also the expense of gas and several, as you know, sunken cameras that need to go back for repair or replaced. 

     The other day I shot some video of the bunker schools. I shot it with my trusty Canon G-12. It worker fine but the quality wasn't there as much as I would like. To this point I haven't taken the Go-Pro step but I am thinking it's time. And that's where you as readers, followers, clients, friends, and family come in. It may sound a little much, but it's time for you to give back to the blog. 

     I am looking to purchase the Go-Pro Hero 3+ Black Edition with all the bells and whistles. It looks like it will run around $800-$1,000. This will enable me to shoot and share videos. Still pictures are great, they are my love, but video and movement, even in the smallest clip, seems to be what people want more of. 

     So, if you read the blog, like some do everyday, I am asking for you all to foot the bill for the camera. I don't charge a subscription for the blog, I don't crowd the blog with advertising, and I never share email lists to others. 

      If you you like to see video or would just like to help out please send a check with whatever you feel this daily entertainment is worth, send a check to....

                                   The Average Angler 
                                   304 Lakeview Ave
                                   Ocean NJ, 07712

      This morning I went and hit it before the blow started. Got down on the mid flood tide and found great conditions with a strong SE 20-25. Fished some fishy water on both sides of the groin without a tap. Bass, and blues, in this beat seems to either be elusive to me or not there. It's been a pick of small fish but the bulk seem to be south, in the bay, or in the rivers when they don't chew and screw.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

05.15.14 And just like that they were gone....

     Well, you should have been here yesterday. Hate have that thought in my mind, especially when I'm with a client. But today I almost said it. Had Mike out for a day today looking to clean up from yesterday. Went back to the same numbers with the same plan. Find the bait....and you'll find the bluefish and hopefully some bass........the place was barren.

                I swear the bluefish came into the river yesterday, ate all the bunker, and left. 

     Mike did a great job throwing poppers and numerous flies with only a few follows for his efforts. Last night I tied up a couple "Double Bangers".....something a little meatier with a bigger hook for those big bluefish. It was a good plan, just no one around to feed. 

     Throughout the day we, and the other boats, went up and down looking and fishing along the way. All of surprised at how the bite died. At one point the bridge tender came out and looked down at us and said, " You should have seen them here yesterday..."

So thanks to him I didn't have to say anything......