Sunday, May 25, 2014

05.25.14 Nice morning out there with plenty of perfect fly rod ready bass around.....

     So I think I have ruined another Canon G12. Went to make some image this morning and the lens won't retract and when you power it on it just hums. So I had to rely on my iPhone to snap a few pics. iphone cameras are great, but I am glad I don't rely on them to capture images.

     Started out at 5 am with high tide at 508. Went as far out on the groin as I could before being swept off my feet and thrown into the rocks. That hurt. I was my first wipeout on the rocks this year. My first surf wipeout was a few weeks ago with the Lorahs'...that happened within five minutes of me telling them about watching big waves in the surf.


     Went with the spey rod throwing big bunkery flies left and right of the groin. High tide, coming off a new moon tide, and big swells kept me busy. Lots of boats out and bunker from north to south out a ways. Got done with the spey rod and switched to the single handed rod with the Depth Charge line and a small yellow fly. I snapped a picture of the first fish I caught and then kept the iPhone in my bag for the next eleven...finished up with a dozen right on the nose. Smallest was the above, biggest around 22 inches. The big fish are chewing on bunker off the beach a ways, the smaller and micros are on the rocks and the beach.

     I have an opening for a half day walk and wade trip for tomorrow morning so if you'd like to give it a go send me an email or give me a call...732.261.7291 It's perfect for the beginner fly rodder or the person making the switch to the salt water. Start at 6 be done at 10 leaving plenty of time left in the day to honor those who sacrificed for our freedom and spend time with family and friends.

4 hour walk and wade trip with use of rods, flies, leaders ect and drinks is $200