Friday, May 23, 2014

05.23.14 Spent the day jumping bluefish......

     Sometimes people ask me what a great day on the water is like. Today was a prime example of that. Had Jeanette out for a full day and in the end it flt like it went really quick. She made a lot of casts, we covered a lot of water, and we talked a lot. Add to that some fronts that seem to pass us by and it was smooth sailing for most of the day.

     The highlight of the day was Jeanette popping up a nice bluefish that ate and then put on a dance.

     We were looking for the elusive striped bass and everywhere we went there were signs of bluefish. Blow-ups, fins, and even leaps kept us entertained and occupied.

     A trout bum at heart Jeanette had a great day and I am looking forward to more time spent with her. It looks like we'll be doing an Upper Delaware float in June and I am sure that day will be just as enjoyable.