Thursday, May 15, 2014

05.15.14 And just like that they were gone....

     Well, you should have been here yesterday. Hate have that thought in my mind, especially when I'm with a client. But today I almost said it. Had Mike out for a day today looking to clean up from yesterday. Went back to the same numbers with the same plan. Find the bait....and you'll find the bluefish and hopefully some bass........the place was barren.

                I swear the bluefish came into the river yesterday, ate all the bunker, and left. 

     Mike did a great job throwing poppers and numerous flies with only a few follows for his efforts. Last night I tied up a couple "Double Bangers".....something a little meatier with a bigger hook for those big bluefish. It was a good plan, just no one around to feed. 

     Throughout the day we, and the other boats, went up and down looking and fishing along the way. All of surprised at how the bite died. At one point the bridge tender came out and looked down at us and said, " You should have seen them here yesterday..."

So thanks to him I didn't have to say anything......