Sunday, May 11, 2014

05.11.14 Happy Mothers Day!!!!

     I got mothers in my life....actually we all do. First I have to tip my rod to my Mom who has been with me my whole life. Through think and thin she is always there for me and I deeply appreciate and love her for that. I have a stepmother. Who's been with me more than half of my life and has done so much for me and accepted me as one of her own, and is the mother to my half-sister, and stepmother to my brother and sister.
     Then I have the mother of my three children, who, although we are ex's, still continues to work hard and co-parent and raise the kids as best as we can. Then there's my wife, who is a mother to my stepdaughter, a stepmother to her daughters half sister, and a stepmother to my trio. She treats the whole brood as her own and is always working to make everyone happy and have a good life. I have sister-in-laws who are mothers who run ragged with their own kids and families. And new this year my sister gave birth to June, her first. She was the one who said she would never have kids, and boy is she glad she did.

This is my example of the "new" American family. I hope I have it all write. No matter what, we drop all the full, steps, and halfs and just roll. Parents are our parents and our kids are our kids....just one happy bunch. 

         Then I have friends who are mothers. Then I have friends whose wives are mothers. 

Then there's just some people are there who are just mother .......!

Dad's are great, and we'll have our day....but today is there day and I am who I am because of all this motherness I have been exposed to over the years. I wouldn't be who I am without all of them in my life.

     Now lets talk fishing. Hit the rocks before first light. Worked the spey rod before going to a single handed rod. Fished pretty hard without a bump. Saw bunker pods out a bit which was a good sign. Thought for sure I would hook up but that wasn't to be.
     A friend of mine a few sets of rocks away got a grand slam....a tagged bass, a bluefish and a weakfish. He picked the right spot this morning. 
     Today I'll be waxing the bottom of the boat and starting with my maiden voyage tomorrow which sounds real good to's been a while since I've been out.