Friday, May 9, 2014

05.07.14 Great three days on the Upper Delaware......


     What a bunch of fun...and they call this work! On Wednesday I had the pleasure of being on a guide on a float trip for the South Jersey Chapter of Casting for Recovery. The national, if not international, organization for breast cancer survivors. Hosted by Bem and Cindy Rinker I was joined by Charlie "Bunky" Limpert for a fun day on land, in the water, and then back on land. These ladies were great.

     Just as we started getting dressed on of the ladies pointed out a huge I grabbed by box of Scott Strykers "Totally Stoned" imitations for a quick pic. These match the hatch for sure.

     We started out with some casting demos and practice before hitting the East Branch. These ladies have only had one other time out and they did great. We had targets right out of the gate and that made the experience that much more fun. Betsy landed a nice brown while working the riffs just before lunch

     The bug of the day was the Apple Caddis, brachycentrus appalachia, and at times there was a blizzard above the water. Late in the day I worked with Linda and we hooked a nice 18 inch brown that came unbuttoned just before the net. It was great to see her have so much fun fighting the fish after seeing the take. As with any time out on the water, seeing bugs and fish rise is a show in itself. 

     After putting a good day in the women treated us to a great dinner and lots of wine ( thanks June! ) and we ended the day laughing and just as we started. Wish we could have fished a second day because it was that much fun. They say we're doing it again next year and I can't wait to pencil it in.

     Thursday...was well...a guides day off...which means I had a cancellation. Some incorrect weather predictions had Thursday stormy.....but if you look below it turned out to be a gorgeous day. I tried to pimp myself out to float...well anyone....and had no takers, so I went fishing. I fished one of my favorite spots. I got in the water at 1130 and came out at 830. I didn't leave the water, and in fact stayed in the same spot...only moving up and down the river by 75 feet. I had fish working all day all to myself. All the drift boats took river right and no one stopped to harass my fish. In the end a few beauties came to net...18, 19 and 21 inches...with two break offs and a bunch of flosses. By the end of the day I was woozy from not drinking or eating a thing all day. But, if I checked out while standing in the water till the very end I would have had a big smile on my face.

     And today I had new flyrodders Delmo and Mike up for day out on the Beaverkill. After some morning instruction on the lawn and visits back and forth between the fly shops on Stewart Ave and getting our lunches we give it a hard go. These boy fished hard all day. Didn't find any bugs and only a few one and done rises all day. In the end Delmo had a fish come unbuttoned just before the net and few flip off. One of my favorite things is to be the guide who takes people out for one of their first can can really set the tone for their fly fishing careers. I hope to fish with them again.


     And finally I can't help but thank my boy Charlie Limpert aka "Bunky" who is always there for me with either offering me a four foot couch to sleep on, toss a few back....(we were asleep by 6 o'lock Wednesday night), having an ear willing to listen, or helping me with repairs on my trailer. I am glad to have him as a friend.