Wednesday, July 1, 2015

06.21.15 Great week at the Vineyard......not a fish to be had

     Had a great week up in the Vineyard with the guys. Tough weather between the wind, rain, and clouds. Couple those conditions with an overall reduced number of fish and that took sight fishing out of the equation. I spent most of my time in 'The Pond" walking the flats and sand bars. I saw fish, had a few shots, follows and refusals over the week but couldn't connect. Only two of us caught fish and that was done dredging the deeper inlet.
     One day I was out and another guy was standing on the flat and at the same time we made a move back into the beach. I watched as he walked, stopped dead in his tracks, make a cast into shallow water and connect with the below beauty. It was nice to see someone catch during the week.

    We ate and drank well and had a bunch of laughs which made the week all worth it. Watching these guys tie flies and fish is something I'll always remember. Have to give props to Joe Carey who makes the week possible and does just about all of the heavy lifting getting us there and back and in a great place. I hope next year the fishing is a bit better. The fishing this and last year was tough so we're due for a banner trip.