Monday, May 5, 2014

05.05.14 Can't wait to get back up to the Upper Delaware.....

     People ask me which I love more....the Upper Delaware or the Jersey Shore. Now, it's not like I'm saying I like both the Red Sox and Yankees equally, but I do love both fisheries for different reasons. And, with a few small stripers on the fly under my belt since I came home I am ready to head northwest.
     I'm heading up tomorrow where I hope to get to fish myself in the afternoon. Then it's three days of float trips before heading home for a Saturday salt trip. It's a great time to be a guide, with fish in both fisheries waking up, with bait that swims and bait that hatches arriving, and people eager to get out and enjoy a beautiful day with a fly rod in their hand.

To join me on the Delaware or on the beach or boat give me a call 732.261.7291, would love to take you fishing.