Saturday, September 29, 2018

09.29.18 Albies goin' good today....

......well not really. My first mate and I went down to look for a rod that I thought I had left there last week. As we left the marina we talked about how beautiful a day it was out on the water. After a call to a friend who said "Go" we did just that.


     We had the top and the outgoing. We put some miles on the engine, the Hook, Breezy, Gravesend, Hoffman, north of the VZ, back to the Hook, Keansburg and then home. Saw about 40 birds and boats anchored up all looking for porgies. I made a few blind casts just to do it. Now, there may be fish around but we were looking for birds and heads, I know its early, but it was really nice out there.