Wednesday, September 26, 2018

09.26.18 Tough morning in the salt....

    Had the pleasure of fishing with Gary this morning who gave his first shot in the salt along the Jersey Shore a try. He worked hard, for a long time, but we couldn't get a tug. South wind, big moon, end of the incoming and start of the outgoing. Had a flurry before the flip as birds were over bass over anchovies on the other side of the breakers. The life lasted about 30 minutes before the bright sun came out and it seemed to shut down in an instant.

     We talked a lot about bass, the Jersey beaches and fly fishing and I think he has a good foundation to start the sickness of chasing striped bass. He asked a few times about bluefish and I hoe to get him into the bay in the spring for the gator invasion. We'll give it another go in a few weeks as the run gets going stronger.

     Its mullet time and that means tying up my favorite fly, Lou Tabory's Snake Fly. Last night, late, I was at my Regal Vise cranking out a good assortment to offer. The key is good ostrich herl if you can find it. The best stuff comes hand picked from the fly fishing shows.

    After we parted, and being frustrated we didn't hook up, I spent an hour down on sweet looking water. I didn't find a fish but I did find lots of my waders. Sorry Orvis, this has to end. I bought these for this past June's Martha's Vineyard trip. They leaked on the second day. So, being

always frustrated with the wader situation I have ordered a pair of Simm's G3 boot foots with the felt soles. I can't wait to be dry again while fishing!