Sunday, December 31, 2017

12.31.17 Sad news before the end of the year.....

     On the last day of this tough year I got up to have a cup of coffee and watch the news. My heart sank when I learned of a Newark fireman in grave condition following a multi-alarm fire in the cities North Ward. It happened last night in a tire joint on Park Ave right near Summer and Bloomfield Avenues. It's a building I know, and may have a fire in myself when I was on the job. 

     Paul Leber is from 7 Engine and has been on the job 10 years. It sounds like evacuation tones were sounded and was separated from his men briefly and was found by his company and Rescue 1. He was brought to UMDNJ and transferred to Jacobi in the Bronx, I'm thinking for the hyperbaric chamber treatment. Godspeed Brother. 

    Each year has its highs and lows. This year we got hit hard a big low. The holidays have ben tough since Ryan's death. I miss my son greatly. Since he went to school and lived away from home I still catch myself thinking he's just away and will be returning soon. I hope 2018 brings health and happiness, and better striped bass fishing, to you and yours.