Friday, January 20, 2012

01.20.13 Getting back in an Upper Delaware state of mind...

     It's official...I am over the salt and striped bass fishing till spring. I have been editing my website and will have a new-look-re launch soon. I was looking through some images from last years trips on the Upper Delaware. One thing is for sure, there was a lot of water early on. We were floating late April and early May with the West Branch between 7,860 cfs-5,220cfs and the East Branch 8,060-6,020, and the Main was just too much 15,400-12,500. That was all the first weekend it May, but things got better and even better through the summer. 


One day this spring I had the pleasure of having Joe and Z in my boat for a West Branch float and the anglers and the fish didn't disappoint. We had a great day. I am taking reservations for trips up to the Upper Delaware starting mid April. Check out my website for more info and give me a call 732.261.7291, or drop me a line