Monday, January 9, 2012

01.09.11 Visited Monmouth Beach for a beach replenishment update

View of the old rock wall at Big Monmouth


     Since I have been staying "home" lately and scouting and fishing I decided to take a ride to see how the beach replenishment, beach improvement vs beach ruining, depending on your opinion, is going. The project started months ago and I made images in the early days of it and now that work is just about finished at Little Monmouth and is in full swing at Big Monmouth. Gone are the rocks that protected the Monmouth Beach Bath and Tennis Club, also gone is the great structure for fishing in both the spring and fall.

Looking south towards the Monmouth Beach bath and Tennis Club
    It looks like the sand will be pumped along the sea wall to the exposed groin at Central Road. I also took a ride down to Little Monmouth where things are finishing up. There's a big beach there now, one sunken groin and one less sand bar, a few cuts and a good trough that ran along the beach off the pier.

The "new" beach at Little Monmouth

Vessel on left carrying sand from Sandy Hook Channel going to the floating pipe- boat on right going to get more sand