Wednesday, January 4, 2012

01.04.12 Let's go!.......

     It's time to go and find some bass along the Jersey Shore. Below is 8th Ave...water is 47 degrees... air was a balmy 14. Pretty cool to see but freezing cold.

     Well I gave it a go at 15 degrees in Deal and didn't last long. Fished maybe 45 minutes before the fingers tips started to go numb. Couldn't fish the north side of the rocks as the frozen spray made it a little dangerous, especially being alone. Recently there has been a tremendous crab hatch along northern Monmouth County. On the outgoing tide tons of crabs litter the beach and the birds make quick pickens out of out them. Guys keeping bass are reporting stomachs loaded with crabs. I came home for lunch and to grab a bite and figured I tie a crab fly. I looked for orange material and could only find my Fly-O that had bright orange yarn on it. I used bucktail for the legs, Fly-o yarn for the body and capped it off with a Flymen Fish Skull turned on it's side.


     I have some crab flies from when I fished the Bahamas but I needed something with the weight to get down along the rocks. It's not much of a body but guys have been using orange Bombers to get the bass later in the day. I'll bring those back later also just in case.