Thursday, January 5, 2012

01.05.12 Got these today in the mail...just in time for the extended fall run!

     Got home today and was happy to see a package from Orvis at the door. I got a new pair of Endura bootfoot waders that I use for fishing the jetties and groins along the Jersey Shore. I've had lace up spikes and didn't care for them when going from the beach up on the rocks and then back to the beach. I found these to be the most comfortable and keep me safe while on the rocks. I screw the Orvis Posigrip Studs into

the bottoms of the boots and can change them if they wear down.  I like the felt bottoms on the jetties and groins, although there is a trend to ban felt bottom waders in some states. Rhode Island just joined Vermont and New Hampshire in an effort to stop the spread of invasives likley didymo from destroying our trout streams. Some, me included, that the ban on salt use of felt wasn't necessary, but if you don't outlaw it altogether some angler will use them in the freshwater. All or none seems to be the wave. In 2010 Simms voluntarily stopped making felt bottom waders and the idea is that sometime in the nearer future they won't be available at all.