Friday, January 13, 2012

01.13.12 I went from The Average Angler to The Portly Angler...

    So after having my stripping basket pop off me several times while crawling around the rocks and having a hard time bending down to lace up my boots- it's time to do something. Somehow I let myself go to shit. So today I joined Weight Watchers. In May 2008 I was 210 pounds, now, at today's weigh-in- I'm 250.04 pounds. And I can feel every pound of it. 

210 at the Hale Eddy Bridge, May 2008

    One, it's not healthy carrying around that weight and two, it's getting in the way of my work. I can't imagine trying to get in and out of the drift boat this spring with that weight on. I only need to refer to the Orvis definition of how a guide should roll for motivation-

Definition of a Professional Guide
A Professional Guide is a professional at all times; they are mentally alert and physically prepared for a strenuous day of guiding. Their self-confidence can be observed but not heard; they are totally prepared for the day and ready to accept its challenges—good or bad. Their appearance and dress show pride in themselves and the operation they represent. They immediately become a teacher to their clients and the client readily accepts their leadership.

     So this week I stopped striper fishing and started on Weight Watchers. I wonder how far I can stretch my allotted 49 points. 

If he can do it...