Sunday, January 8, 2012

01.08.11 If you know this spot, then you know how low it can go...

     This picture was taken 24 minutes before low tide, and 41 minutes before the Giants-Falcons playoff game. With the full moon and wind from the W, low water like this is common. I watched as the gulls picked whiteleggers off the end of the groins up and down the beaches as the tide ebbed. 

     I also like coming out at this time because it's a great time to scout beach structure and water movement. I, and I think most would agree, get into a comfort zone and fish the same places over and over again. How many of us move down to the next set of groins usually where the angler pressure is less? I have spent this fall, and winter, working "new" water and have enjoyed it and meeting new regulars at those spots.