Friday, January 13, 2012

01.13.12 The weather changes...but the birds are still picking

     It's now starting to feel like late fall into winter. It got cold last night and will be getting colder as the weekend goes on. Right now it's 34 degrees out and the wind is blowing W at 35 mph. I took a ride down to Deal earlier to see how conditions looked. Lot's of white water, well lots of turbidity, but the birds are still spending a lot of time at the end of each groin picking in the water. It should be interesting what washes up when walking the beaches on the outgoing tide.

I found one lone angler out early this afternoon fishing the the north side of Roseld. It will be interesting to see if the fish pull out after this front we've had. Things had been so steady for a while that this may shock things and the fish may make a move, especially if we see a drop in the current 47 degree ocean temps after a weekend teens to mid 30 air temps.