Wednesday, January 11, 2012

01.10.12 Went out...and just missed a steady bite

     Of course I was hoping for a repeat of last night. I even got out an hour earlier if you calculate the tide cycle. When I pulled up to my spot I was the only vehicle there, and figured I'd have the groin all to myself, at least for a little while. As I got closer I could see the outline of four anglers on the end of the rocks and as I walked one of their lights came on illuminating a freshly caught keeper striped bass. I worked the beach and the pocket before jumping up and out on the rocks.
     Soon Joe showed up and all four of the other guys walked off, three of them with keepers. We went to work and after a bunch of casts I landed a striper at 18 inches. I didn't want to jump into combat fishing by climbing and clawing my way out front, but the bite had stopped and the only way I thought was to do to some rock climbing. I found a great perch on a rock that allowed me to put my casts along the furthest pilings and out in front of the last exposed rocks. After about a half and hour I knew we were done. Joe had a bump and that was it. 
     I decided to give another place a shot and had the entire pick of groins to myself as everyone else had given up. I should have also. I fished Allenhurst and jumped down to the Fletcher outflow and made casts dragging my fly through the sand in the low water. Today I tied a special killer fly for tonight. Knowing that black Bombers were working, the bass were eating crabs, and purple and dark flies always work at night. I dragged this fly all through the rocks and surprisingly didn't lose it. It lives to fish another day. 

And it may be a while before it gets wet, I am thinking I am done with this fall run, at least for now.