Saturday, January 21, 2012

01.21.12 It's amazing how much you don't know about a subject until you study it...

  I get all types of anglers that read this blog, and I fish with both fly, spin, and conventional anglers. However, I only fish with the fly rod, and only guide anglers in both fresh and salt waters with a fly rod in hand also. It's not snobbish, or elitist, it's just the only way I have fished since 1991. I don't think I would be able to do both. I have a hard enough time trying to do one type at all.

     In 2009 I took my first casting lesson with Jim Valle, a local FFF Master Caster Instructor. Over the next two years I took more lessons with Jim and saw the results out on the water. I have been reading the literature that supports fly casting instruction and technique. Well, next week I have my own FFF CI test to take. I'm getting a little nervous. According to the FFF, about 40% of CI's pass the test the first time. Gulp!
    All along I have been studying and practicing but now that's it's crunch time I'm really trying to study before a few days of review before the test. For me, it is amazing that I ever presented a fly at all yet alone properly before knowing the things I know now. The amount of information on the subject of fly casting is amazing, and the knowledge needed to be a casting instructor is a lot. Not only is there the knowledge, written test, portion of the testing process, but the performance, casting, test, is hard core also.

Just a few terms that I have needed to study, and know the correct definition for- casting stroke, up feed, target plane, straight line cast, convex path, concave path, overpowered curve, and line slip, just to name a few.


I will be spending my days and nights reading, getting drilled on flash cards, and watching videos by Joan Wulff, Tim and Steve Rajeff, Mel Krieger and Lefty Kreh.