Sunday, January 15, 2012

01.15.12 "Gannets and whales and samurais , oh my..."

     Alright, so it's day two of Weight Watchers and my family wants to go to Steve's in Sea Bright. You know what that means, some of the best muffins around. Best part is, I can have one, as long as I stay within my point total for the day. A 3" home made muffin is 3 points, so I'll double that and say 6, okay I'll play it safe, it's 9. Couple that with some water and fat free yogurt with fruit and I'm staying true. I think. 
     Anyway on the way up there with my wife I stopped to see how things were looking and to see if anyone was fishing. It was 17 degrees out, the wind NW to 25 mph, and the water temp via NOAA is 48 degrees. I found tons of gannets diving and several large whales surfacing most likely feeding on herring that is on the move. I am surprised the water temps are still holding where they are.
      The find of the day was this cloaked man practicing his sword work on the beach. I was able to sneak up and get a few frames off before he saw me and stopped his routine. It was something to watch, although my feet were frozen from wearing Crocs with no socks. 

Whale off Allenhurst

Gannets off Marine Place