Wednesday, January 11, 2012

01.11.12 I took my last walk on the rocks with rod and reel till spring...and crabs, it's what's for dinner

Shark River Inlet jetty

      I know I said I was done last night. But the truth is I wanted to catch a striper on my birthday. I'm not a big-into-birthday guy, but I thought it could be a cool "I remember when..." remembrance. This morning was absolutely beautiful, actually too beautiful. The water was flat, the wind almost absent, and the high sun illuminating the gin clear water. Today I thought I would feed the stripers one of the things they really want lately...crabs. We've seen them around for two weeks now and they have littered beaches after being washed up and all over the rocks from the birds picking through them. So today I went crab fly presentation. Crab flies are great, but depending how their tied they can cast like a sponge. This one looked great in the water, and I could see it 40 feet out, and along the rocks as I danced it on my retrieve. I worked it so good around those rocks that I lost it after 15 minutes.

Crab fly in the water



    On my way out I met up with a fly angler who was going to give it a go. While we stood there a whale, which looked liked a humpback to me, breached just off, funny enough the Hump.

      I jumped in my truck and headed down to Avon and hit the Shark River Inlet jetty. It was the same story there as it was up north. The only difference was the amount of crab shells that littered the beach there. Guys are still finding their kept stripers full of crabs, a herring here and there, and spearing.

I was hoping today to catch the change in the front and get one for the road. That didn't happen. So I am putting my rods, reels, flies, waders and all other related gear away till March when I start stalking the back Bays and Rivers looking for stripers eating and sunning themselves on the flats. I am really done now, unless the phone rings and someone calls for a trip out.