Tuesday, January 3, 2012

01.03.12 "Just when I thought I was out...they drag me back in"

     That may be a quote from The Godfather : Part III,  but that's how I felt standing in Deal in a T-shirt and light jacket in 26 degree weather with a howling NW wind around 4 pm. I had just got back from shooting up in Newark today and decided to take a quick drive down to the water to see what was up. I knew something was when I turned the corner and saw about a dozen cars parked and no one in sight. I could see the birds and I wasn't near the water. All I had with me were my cameras, my 7wt Hyrdos and my stripping basket. I went out on the rocks and worked tight on both sides without a bump. It wasn't easy getting the fly out on the north side as the wind was kicking. The sun dove down quick and I packed it in. 
    I spoke with a few anglers who were frozen but still on the hunt after following the birds for hours from town to town. They weren't just following them, but catching them too. And they aren't rats. Fish over 20 pounds, and not on metal. The birds were floating, following, diving, and picking. 

Birds + bait = bass. Looks like I'm dragging out my gear for tomorrow.