Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11.30.16 Fun out there in big bassy water....

     I finished up my 15 page research paper on conscience objection at midnight and came up with a plan for a half days fishing for today. I would jump on the Parkway and get down to Seaside Park before first light. Which I did. Problem is that SE swell and the incoming tide, with a south to north sweep has things unfishable for the flyrodder. I moved north and stopped before landing at Brick beach for first light. The top pic is how looked as the sun came up. Really cool clouds. 

     I realized my only chance was to return to Jetty Country where I could at least pick the pockets on the north sides of the rocks. I had a first stop in mind but kept looking at the waters in the towns north of the Manasquan Inlet. When I got there I felt confident, then I moved into position and nearly got pushed back into Convention Hall by a few sets of rouge waves that crashed over the rocks.It was un-fishable there at that moment, and after getting soaked I thought of a different plan.

     While I was soaked to the bone the thing that bothered me the most was that my new iPhone 7 got moist inside an Otterbox Defender case. I know they claim its waterproof, but they surely are not. Be careful and don't trust yours if you get one. I moved north and hit some rocks and and picked one on a chartreuse and white Deceiver. I made a move and hit another pile that held more water.

     It was here I found a little honey-hole that held a trio of bass that took the same fly. Again, the sweep and the shore break had me walking down and then retreating with each cast. That was done to reach the hole and not get knocked over by the incoming waves. I fished near Andy who when I left hadn't connected, but was reworking his way down the beach as the tide ebbed.

     I had last plan in mind and took the ride north. Again, luckily, I found yet another honey-hole that ran along side some rocks. I caught two on the same Deceiver, but then decided to give a sand eel a try. It was a good call, even though I saw no signs of bait, birds, or swirls.

      I tied on a sand eel fly coupled with a Jim Matson Pulse Disc. If you have never tried one of these they give sick action to your fly, especially sand eel patters. The action is increased more on the outgoing tide, in a rip, or coming out of a trough. You can feel the movement as you retrieve or leave the fly swimming with the current. You can check out more on Jim's website at On my first cast I was hooked up to another little guy, and followed that up with another pair and a hickory shad. Not a bad day after all.

      My last stop as the rains came was at Big Monmouth. Didn't make a cast but did notice how much sand has been pulled back into the ocean. Hopefully, soon enough, that killer pocket will return in all of it's bait and bigger fish holding glory. I'm done until Monday, working tonight, and then off to Newport with my lady for Christmas in Newport. Luckily the fish will be gone from there and I won't have to be distracted and what's going on in the water as I enjoy the weekend, giving back a little to my wife who continues to be frustrated, but supportive, of this striped bass illness of mine.