Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

     Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! And to everyone in service to others this day, military, firefighters, police, emergency medical, and nurses and the like. Most people don't want to work the holidays, unless its an escape from way too much family drama or the overtime, but do so in the service of others.

     So last night I was talking to Joe about fishing this morning. "Can't do it", I kept saying. Its Thanksgiving. I've went to the well with the wife too much. My waders leak. Anything to prevent me from going. So I told Joe if I did go I would have to meet him there because I would only have a short window to fish.

    So I got to my spot on the outgoing at first light and the peanuts were already pinned and getting attacked by the stripers. Peanuts on the sand and bass in the water that still remained in the trough. No one was around or the ones that were couldn't see me landing fish behind the rocks. Can't believe it was so good for so long.......

.........okay, that was weird. Woke up at 640. It was a dream. Time to get ready for Thanksgiving.