Friday, November 18, 2016

11.18.16 I missed it by 15 minutes.......


       So I had to work today. 7am start but have to be there at 645. I got to the water at 530 and figured I had a good 45 minutes to fish. It's just false dawn for a little bit, but sunrise isn't till after I swipe in. 
So I fished for 45 minutes. I was with Joe and Leif, both fly rodeos, and Richie, who goes both ways. Today was his first day bringing the fly rod this fall. He picked the right day.

     I left at 615, and 630ish the peanuts showed and the bass were on them. The boys had the beach to themselves until the boats arrived and the cell phone fisherman got word. They probably had 15 fish on the fly rod before calling it quits. Hey, you can't catch it right everyday, and I do have to pay the bills.