Friday, November 11, 2016

11.11.16 Thanks on this Veteran's Day.....

     Have to start off with a salute to all Veteran's this Veteran's Day. I have to tip my hat to my own Grandfather Freddie Archer who served in the Navy during WWII. He fought while in the Navy during his Hall of Fame career. Below is a picture during his service at the U.S. Naval Construction Center, Camp Endicott, Rhode Island, 1943. 

     This morning before work I went out for a about an hour catching a few hours into the ebbing tide. Strong west wind, which wing during the day, had things laid down but there was still fishy looking water to explore. Spanned a few blocks and some rocks without seeing or feeling anything. Maybe this wind shift and the moon tides will be the start of something good. My buddy Lief was out down a different beach and found this whale feasting on the bunker.

      I got the dreaded call from my boat guys on what they found after running the boat. It sounds like I got bad gas the other day when I decided to fuel up right outside the marina in Atlantic Highlands. The filter was filled with water and a whitish mayo consistency substance, which means bad things and even more money. Carbs need work, new filters, pump out the gas, add a micro-filter, some seals on the trip motors and there you have it $2,276.00......Ouch!

BOAT- Break out another thousand. Needless to say wife was stunned. What else to do but to give them the green light so I can be up and running for a Tuesday charter. Hopefully the upcoming trips will cover the cost of boat ownership.