Monday, November 14, 2016

11.14.16 It was good out there......

       Got out around 8 and it was just a beautiful day. Eventually stripped down to a light shirt and didn't get wet a bit as the water was flat. What great November weather. Headed due south for a bit and was surprised at the numbers of number of boats (few) bass fishing. It seemed like everyone was anchored up fishing crabs for tog or sea bass or whatever they go for. Found life and watched as the bass headed south....QUICKLY! I could see the way we were moving, and the guys waiting on the beach, and I was trying to figure out who would get lucky at the intersection. I stayed way far away, because I am usually hat guy on the beach praying the fish come in range, albeit with the fly rod.

      Big bunker, peanut bunker and tiny baits were on the menu today, and I just had one fly on all day and that's all I needed, an A.W. Hollow Fleye. I watched the follows, the refusals and the takes- it was a very visual day. I broke in, well, got wet, the Fuji XP90, and I have to say it works pretty good. I am digging a new fish picture look from under the water.

       I caught about a dozen fish to 33" and only one may have been under 28". I found a school of schoolies and made some images of them boiling on the top. It was a fun day. I wish I either no cameras and all fly rods, or no fly rods and all camera gear. Its not easy doing both, shooting, casting, and driving.