Sunday, November 13, 2016

11.13.16 Lief won the pool.....

      If we were on a party boat Lief would be going home with some cash. Fished with the hot hand and Richie. I started at 4 a.m., like an idiot, but didn't move anything for the hour that I fished. I then went and fell asleep in my car until Lief woke me up at 545. As soon as we walked down there was some splashes and fish chasing bait. Lief went first and I stopped to talk to Rich who was in the pocket. Soon Lief was hooked up and I joined him to get a quick photo before its release. I was invited to stay, not wanting to hijack his spot, and shortly he was tight with the pool winner. 

Leif photo
     I moved on, leaving them and the fish, to go find fish, and luckily I did. The water was on the ebb and gin clear and I watched this bass follow it a half a dozen times, swirl on it twice, before waving the flag and just biting it out of I think annoyance. 

     All of the boats on the east coast were together and, when Joe got there, he said, "It looks like the Manhattan skyline". So there were boats, bait, bass, whales, dolphins, and to our surprise almost near the groin tip a seal. There was adult bunker out, and peanuts and rain fish in the wash, well not really wash because the water was flat calm.

     I used my Fuji XP90 and tried to make an underwater image with Lief chasing the bait to me. Now I'm no Mike Laptew, but I can make out some fish!! Back at it tomorrow- todays a family, friends, and football day. Have to say traveling south every now and then does pan out.