Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11.29.16 No one home for me.....

     Got out later than I wanted to but I think it would have been the same result. With hight tide around 730 getting out at 9 was fine. SE swell with a SW wind made for a south to north sweep on the beach. Fishy water that wasn't off color, yet, but couldn't find a fish or any bait.

     It was nice to be out with no one around except Andy who got a few on a Bomber. I threw big, medium and small flies. I tied on a Brad Buzzi sand eel and took a pic before I went to work with it towards the end. I figured I'd have a dry pic and then one with it sticking out of a bass' mouth. Wrong.

     I hit three groins and worked both sides before a 12 page paper that's due tomorrow called me home. It was fine because I was losing water quickly anyway. Made a few stops on the way home finishing up in the Hook.  I hope these guys are right about the sand eels and the herring and the great -later-than-this-date bite. I'm not feeling too confident, but it is nice to actually fish fishy water, and not just from a truck with binoculars in hand chasing birds.