Sunday, November 27, 2016

11.27.16 Nice morning....few bait

     Pretty morning out there. 530 high tide so I decided to wade to the rocks and jump up. Quiet on top of the water outside of a swirl or a blowup or two in the pocket. Fished with Richie and we hammered them.....well we each got a trio of tiny bass and I got the pool winner at 25". When I saw the below fish I wondered what he was eating. Didn't think he was on peanuts, but either silversides or rain fish.

     I got a text from Leif who sent the below text....sand eels are here. That means you can fish and catch in the dark! Love sand eels. So I'll have to dig out some of my favorite patterns, which are Brad Buzzi's and get excited to fish before light again. Had to make church and a day with the kids so I cut it short but did drive north, finding only pods of bait with nothing on them.