Tuesday, November 22, 2016

11.22.16 Can't always be out there.......

     Well, I stopped by the ocean near the hospital before work and figured it would be a good day for somebody out there. Conditions remain the same, except the low water falls just after sunup and it takes the flood tide some time to fill the beaches with water, bait and bass. I was reserved to checking the beach cams when not busy at work. Never saw it go off, but see guys here and there throughout the day. And the day didn't disappoint for a few guys that I know. 

     Congrats to Stripersonline hardcore angler Mike, aka MC55, who caught and released this beauty. If anyone deserves a personal best this year its Mike. Out on the beach everyday just about from spring to winter with a rod in hand and one on his back. Not only does he fish hard, and share any wisdom he can, he really is a stewart to the sport and entertains thousand each day with his posts.

From MC55 on Stripersonline
      And then there's my boy Bob Popovics. Don't know where he was but it was probably a beach buggy accessible beach. He got this 25 pound plus beauty on a Hollow Fleye. I just love the fact that he got her on an 8 wt and in sneakers no less. He is truly a gentlemen, an inspiration and legend in the fly fishing world, and a good angler. Below is how he describes this on Andrew Warshawer's Facebook page,

" Guys! 25+ pounds. No weigh in. I will say it was a pleasant surprise. I had caught a couple smaller fish about 10 pounds prior. Easy to handle. But then she ate! Awesome fight with good initial surge and topwater tail action. Hard to budge for a minute or so. Finally into the wash and then I realized that this one will not be as easy to release as the previous ones. With my bad back I couldn't get into my waders so I had to be careful not to get soaked. Very strong winds and pretty cool out, I tried my best not to get too wet. Trigger finger in my left hand kept me from hanging on to her at first attempt. Carple tunnel kept my right hand from being as strong as I am used to. With the barb down I was able to easily extract the FLEYE and tried to get her back but I needed help by nearby angler. It was quickly released in great shape and I stayed fairly dry! She was a PERFECT striped bass specimen. Fat and THICK from head to tail. Most beautiful one I ever saw. Catch and release!!! " - Bob Popovics