Wednesday, November 2, 2016

11.02.16 Note to self....bring wire.....

      So I'll start backwards. Left my first light spot and headed to check this on the way home. A few town up, nothing. Went further and found some birds working and adult bunker flipping not too far off the beach. I should have known when I checked with two guys who said they got bit off. Duh. Went on looking and saw a guy walking briskly towards me. I asked him if he was on the chase and he said he just brings his rod with him when he does his daily walk on the beach. He stopped, undid his twin shad and made a far cast and landed a keeper which he released.

    I'm really up against the clock with a school project due tonight and wanted to be at home in from of the computer by 10 am. But I went north and took out the binoculars and looked up the beach. There were dark clouds of bunker on the beach, traveling north? North? Now I know why. 10-15 pound bluefish have invaded and pushed the bunker inside the bar and just went off. I was on the beach, far from my truck without any wire. So I gave it a shot hoping to lip hook one of the big blues. First cast hooked up, and fought him for a while before he bit me off in the trough.

     I thought about running back to my truck for some wire and after getting bit off again I did. By the time I got back they had moved but did have a few short strikes on my big bunker fly. I wish they had a stinger hook because they would have made it to the beach. The bunker were getting chased up the beach and I thought about just shooting it but I wanted to land one, which in the end I didn't.

      Started off before first light with a popper and then a variety of flies that got no love. Didn't see any bait or birds there and I felt a little bummed before making the move. Gonna have to take a break as it's time for work the next few days. I know that what I saw with the blues today was similar to what went off at IBSP a few days back, bunker inside the bar and big fish pushing them on the beach, just today it was all bluefish, not bass.