Thursday, December 1, 2016

12.01.16 Time for them sand eels.....maybe

      So we are waiting, and hoping, that we get good sand eels this fall. While it has been a great fall run with the intersection of peanut bunker and bass and blues following the Super Moon, we can only hope that sand eels will keep whatever predator fish around and eating. I hate to be a Danny-downer, but I think it's over. 

     On a positive note I received the below pics from Bob Popovic's and they illustrate how perfectly his Fleye Foils can imitate the naturals. While I have difficulty tying them, search it out on You Tube and you will find an easy tutorial to tie them.

     My sand eel box is full of different sizes and colors. Ones that I use on Block Island and Martha's Vineyard and one's I use during the fall here in New Jersey. Bass, and blues, love them. It can extend a season and even our fishing days as nights, sand eels, and bass are a great combination.