Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12.28.16 I'm thinking they're on sand eels....

     Some ask why would someone want to fish for small striped bass. It's not just the size of the fish that you fish for, it's the challenge of getting a striped bass, of any size, to take a fly. Sometimes it's harder to get the little ones to eat, especially in big water.

     This morning it was high tide at 7 am with a SE swell and breakers in sets on the beach. But the bass were in the trough, and that's where the challenge was. Getting close enough to reset a fly to get it down before the incoming waves rush it back up the beach, or swamp you.


     Lief caught one in the short window he had but his buddy had a small ducktail on and may have landed a dozen. I threw the sand eel fly but didn't connect, but the two came on a chartreuse and white Deceiver. The bellies on these little footballs are buldging and I think they are eating sand eels.