Saturday, December 31, 2016

12.31.16 It was freezing cold out there this morning......

    Two nights ago I had a dream about a place where I thought the fishing might be good the next time out. Last night Joe asked me if I wanted to fish this morning and I told him of my dream, and I think reluctantly, he agreed to it. We got down around 630 just as light arrived and within 15 minutes are hands were frozen, but both of our rods had a bend it them.

    We saw some small bait, possibly small herring, making noise on the flat north side water, and Joe working the beach got four, while I was working the groins, and had one that unbuttoned as I positioned myself to reach down and lip him.

     It lasted for about 45 minutes, the misses and lands, before we took a coffee break and headed to another location. There we only stayed for about 20 minutes before heading to our last spot, which looked fishy, gave us a couple of tugs and looks, but nothing came to hand.

     Andy, who's out there everyday in thick and thin, was the pool winner with this just under 27" fish. I'm not going to say it, but tomorrow is my last day fishing. I do hope and will fish hard to land my first bass of 2017. Either way, I swear, I'm done, and if I'm not I will not post anything from that trip out.