Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12.07.16 That might be a wrap......

     Couldn't pull the trigger on where to head today. Tempted to stay north or go south, so I took a quick drive south. Ended up in Seaside Park. Bassy looking water, bucktail type of water. Saw guys either driving around or on the beach. Tough fly rod water, even at the low tide. Couldn't find them in the shallows so I moved north, checking occasional spots as I went. 

     I had my head set on a spot and as I worked north the water got progressively more dirty. This has to do with all of the beach replenishment. Water wasn't Yoo-Hoo but it was close. I worked some pockets and open beach with a sinking one and a bigger white Snake Fly but didn't have a tap. Pockets were dirty with foam, leaves and debris getting caught up on the line and the fly. The fat lady may be done singing but I am going through what so many anglers do each fall into winter, 'When am I done?". With Christmas, kids coming back from school, me finishing up school, and having to play catch up with so many things I have been letting go astray since September, it might be time for me to call it. But, it only takes a window, or a report from friends to drag stuff out and hit it once again.

     There have been rumblings that the Army Corp will be shutting down sections of beaches from Allenhurst through Deal as the sifting and checking for ordinances from WWII have been found. I know this was a big issue down on LBI, and it seems they have moved equipment in to start those processes soon.