Thursday, December 29, 2016

12.29.16 "Wind from the south, fish shut their mouths....."

Less than perfect fly rodding conditions out there this morning......

S-SE winds over 20. SE swell. Incoming to top of the tide. Rain. Cold. Leaky waders.  Other than that......Perfect!

     Started before first light. Went to a pocket and couldn't get to where I wanted to but picked up a fish practically up on the beach. Made a quick move south to a large groin that I knew would be protected from the big water and swell. As light arrived I found two to bite on a black and purple Kinky Muddler. As good as the pocket was protected, it was boring. The wind made the backcast hard here, and all morning, but at least from the rocks you had a shot at the cast back towards the beach.

     Made the move back to my original beat and found Andy out and on the fish. His Mombo in chartreuse gave him all he needed for a steady pick at fish in the trough. As the tide ebbed the bite turned on. He told me that Lief was out early and had to leave due to a no-heat call at home from his wife. Andy said he was out on the rocks, which surprised me, because it was the top of the high tide and the waves were big, and it only takes that one rough wave to get you.


     I contemplated it for a few minutes and did the risk-vs-gain thing in my head. If I don't go on the rocks, then I'm about done, as getting a fly anywhere fishy would be near impossible. So I jumped up and got out. I fished the north side, which at least put the wind at my back. Two times today I drove the fly into my StormR cap, which luckily prevented it from digging into my skull.

    I made a cast and did nothing but on the second or third I went tight, and could feel it was a good fish. Funny thing is, last evening I text Leif telling him that I saw a report online about a charter boat that was out togging yesterday and found a good keeper striper bite off the beaches where we fish. Maybe, I thought, those fish might come in. Well, at least one did, and boy was it nice landing it on the rocks in big water. I have been getting some friendly chop-busting lately, partially because I keep saying I'm done, but "To let them be', referring to the micro bass that we've seem to be catching. One thing I have to say, through all the ball busting, fly-tyer Andrew Warshauer has been steadfast in saying that there's still good fishing to be had.....and he was right.

      I made a few more stops fishing mostly the north sides of the groins and finished up the day with 11 fish, and several more misses. Don't know how long it will continue.......'But at least I'm enjoying the ride......"