Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12.11.16 I'm done......I think

     Well, I think I'm done. Sunday, December 11, 2016. Went out at first light and found zero wind with a flat lake-like Atlantic Ocean. Started home, then moved north after a half and hour. Just nothing doing. Did find some peanuts swimming long the outside of the bar but nothing on them. Fished for a while and then watched. Birds were non existent or the ones around much have been hung over. Thinking the afternoon bite may be better.....but......I'm calling it a year.

     I tried a popper/ dropper combination which can usually produce, and it's something I have to consider using more. I even need to tie some flies that can allow for a dropper line to be tied to the hook with out fouling the lead fly. I'm going to work on that this winter. Also, I'm all set up to get my boat in the water early next spring, so April will begin the hunt. I'll be working the back of the rivers and bays early, something I haven't done since that's when I would be up on or going back and forth to the Upper Delaware. 

     So, I think I'm done. Maybe there's one last quick trip before this weeks up. Lots to do with the holidays and the kids coming back home. I would like to get one last keeper, end the year on a high note.