Saturday, December 24, 2016

12.24.16 Nice morning with a few to hand.....

      Seems like it's been fishy out there, and anglers refusing to give up have been getting them this week. Herring has been in close and fish in a bigger size class than micro's have been on them. Leif found some nice fish last evening and talking with a few regulars out today tell me it has been a good week, with Bill M. getting 13 during one outing. I didn't see any bait today and was out on the falling tide in the dark. Started with a black Snake Fly before going to a more herring colored and larger Deceiver, which brought no love. Caught two, and had either a little fish hit and weigh larger than it was, or a bigger fish that was hit good and had some shoulders.

     I fished mostly and caught from the rocks and almost lost a line to the boulders and mussels. As I climbed down I got spun around and slid small-of-the-back first into a bigger rock. It hurt, and it still does, and it took my breath away on impact. Luckily I didn't lose the line, and a few Motrin should make the hurt go away. I wonder if the evenings aren't fishing better.....I always like those just before dark outings, when herring are popping in the wash.