Thursday, December 15, 2016

12.16.16 Hey, that's my boat.......

     Had an expected day off today as the census on the unit at work was low. Thought, for a minute, about going out fishing......but I am done! See that guys that went out yesterday found some smaller fish with gannets diving in the distance on herring. What I had to do was head down to the Atlantic Highlands Marina and give a deposit for 2017's land storage. Nothing like dropping $650.00 right before Christmas.

     One thing;s for sure is having a boat is expensive. I don't care if its only a 20 footer it adds up. Maintenance, access and storage, winterization, commissioning, and then this spring I am sprinting for a head to toe detail. Could do it myself but no one does it like a true detailer. After leaving the marina I was heading up 36 and looked over at Gateway and I was like. "Hey, that's my boat". Last year she spent the winter in the Highlands, this winter she 'll be before lock and key in Belford.

     Wanted to share a friend who's still getting it done up on the Connecticut rivers. Guide Ian Devlin goes until January or when the ice gets in the way. He offers fly and spin fishing. You can contact him at 203-451-9400. Rates are $100.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Nice job Ian!