Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12.20.16 Just an idea for that last minute Christmas gift....

     Some couples survive by keeping some things separate. Fishing could be one of those things. Ask some guys if they would want their wives joining them, or ask women if they want their husbands joining them, and the answer, most usually is "No". Others, like me, would love to share the love and joys of fly fishing with their spouse. Fly fishing ain't easy. After 25 years I'm still learning, and probably still do more things wrong than right. But I love this game.

    Theresa and I have been able to, well I wouldn't call it fish, but dress up and look like we were fishing together several times this year. We had trips down the West Branch of the Delaware, Block Island, and here in New Jersey. All times her saying I was showing off and am not helping her. Sometimes we are best taught by people who don't know us.

     So, if you are like me, and want to get your buddy into fly fishing and to learn how to cast, setting up a lesson, with someone she doesn't already know, could be a good idea. Now, she reads this blog off and on so I am risking her finding out her Christmas present, but I signed her up for a class at the Fly Fishing Show this January. She'll be in Cathy Beck's Women Only Casting class. If you are interested go on-line and register your spouse or girlfriend. The class is $85 and includes admission to the show that day. You can register HERE.

     Here's a little blurb about the class, 

Women Only Casting with Cathy Beck. One of our most popular classes. The $85 tuition includes admission to the show in the morning. This very special class will be limited to eight lucky women. Bring your own rod, reel, and line. Beginner to intermediate.