Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12.06.16 Very slow and nothing to show.....but I did get lucky today

      Got out late, like 9, catching the mid incoming tide. Stayed local, hit the Hook, didn't see any activity. Yesterday the gannets were diving, today nothing. Fished hard, small and then big without a tap. Few other guys out got blanked too. Trying with those dam sand eels but I'm not sure they are here. Seems like south still is holding fish, but that is slowing too. They came, they ate, they are trying to leave. The bait will hold them but then they have to make a choice, "Should I stay or should I go". I saw a NY guide got a few today, good for him and his clients, glad they got them. Not sure where or on what. 

     Hate to say it again, but I think we can get a better grip on what's going on when the Ocean County action, which has been the same fish for 2-1/2 weeks, peders out. Either that, or a new area gets hot.....then we'll truly know. So, for now, it's just good old fishing if you're still into it. Nothing really to chase, not much for bait, bass, or blues, but it is nice walking the beaches all to yourself hoping for that one straggler. I might see if the outgoing tides are better, and maybe even late afternoon. 

     I did get super lucky today. I had fished and went south to check on a spot. After taking a quick peek I was in my truck and pulling alongside The Bagel Oven on Monmouth Street in Red Bank. I looked and looked but couldn't find my wallet. I know I had it. So I went back to my last stop in Monmouth Beach and as I looked over from Ocean Avenue I could see it standing up on edge. One minute later another guy pulled up, who may have grabbed it, to turn it in or search for it's owner, which could have lessened any chance for a return. Got lucky, its a pain in the ass losing your wallet and replacing the license and cards and whatever else we keep in them.