Wednesday, June 29, 2022

06.29.22 No bass for you!

     Funny how it goes when you guarantee yourself fish. With high tide around 4 am it was an early start because as soon as the tide flips the water is all but gone in a few hours. Started with a popper and did nothing and fished two spots before settling in for no doubt a multi-fish morning. Why do I say that? Because I planned it that way, and my buddy landed 22 last evening out in his boat. 

     So there was no surprise when I moved a fish on my first cast. No worries, it'll be game on soon I thought. Well that never happened. Not a swipe, a hit, a nothing. By the end I was just about dragging my fly across the rocks in desperation. I have to say, although I have said it before, I'm 

all good out here, and have nothing but good things to say about the Delaware River 2022 striped bass "season". With the salt a long drive and spotty catches I won't be doing that much, it'll be local, as I've said before, trying to get some snakeheads on the fly.