Thursday, June 16, 2022

06.16.22 What can I say...

 Heading home from work in Newark I wondered what the river was going to look like. I saw a post from Upper Delaware guide Steve Taggart who showed monsoon-like conditions on the Upper Delaware. And when that blows out, it takes a day or so for us to see the effects. Surprisingly the river was perfect, at least from the Jersey side halfway out, while the Pensy side was chocolate milk. Not sure what the morning will bring. 

     So it was a good outing. Four fish, a ton of sings and misses. On one I was so mesmerized watching the fly swim I watched a bass track it, eat it, digest it, nearly shit it out, and then just spit it out. I never reacted, not sure what was going on there. 

    And then I hooked nice fish out a ways. Got it in and as I transitioned my hand to grab the fly line it ran, I didn't let go, and the rod snapped. Amateur move, but these are different conditions I am fishing under. Elevated fly fishing is something that has a large learning curve to it. So a quick ride home and I was back in twenty minutes. 

     With my replacement rod all rigged up I went looking for a fly. Supply getting thin so I tied on a Joe Pheifer fly he gave me some time back. They liked it, tried to eat it, a few did eat it, and there's still life in for tomorrow if the river holds up.