Saturday, June 4, 2022

06.04.22 Bought back some memories....

     One of the requirements of being faulty is to attend the graduation ceremony. Yesterday it was held at the Prudential Center in Newark. Newark, where I spent so many years as a resident, working for UMDNJ EMS, the Newark Fire Department, and as a student and graduate of Essex County College. After I retired I went back into my first passion which was photography, shooting for newspapers and magazines and co-owning the photo agency, Agency New Jersey. 

     So it took me back a bit when I saw the room for faculty to dress was the press media room. I spent many nights there, shooting the NJ Devils and concerts, including Bon Jovi's opening concert there in July 2010. While all the photographers were in "the pit" shooting Bon Jovi, I snuck my way to the back to shoot a more overall image, which I thought represented the opening of the Pro Center better. That image made its way around the world in 2010. 

     This morning conditions were perfect, air was cool. high to start of the outgoing tide. I rigged up a new fly line for the occasion after trowing a popper to try and tune them up a bit. It didn't matter, top or underneath I didn't move a fish. While it's not Quit #2, I think I'm over the need to catch striped bass in the Delaware for this year. If I go, I go, and if I catch, well that's okay also. Snakeheads are next and its time to tie up some flies for the lily pads like frog and perch patterns.