Thursday, June 2, 2022

06.02.22 Some days the boat guys win...

     We had the deluge out here last night with more on the way today. It didn't really drop the temps that much but with the cloud cover and first light I thought I might do good. I hit a different spot and threw the fly wallet at them, poppers, big flies, little flies, not a tap. I was in eyesight of the local sharpie guide from Bass Chasers Charters and his solo sport must have caught 30 bass and not all that far out, but just far enough. He said in his post, "Find the bait and you'll find the fish". And he did. Two hour trip over 30 striped bass, nicely done. Captain Karl is still targeting striped bass and will soon move to snakehead, flathead catfish, and smallmouth trips. Want to book a trip? His guide service website is HERE

     Yesterday was big family news. Like a big deal. Most of the homes at Cape Island come with sheds of some type. Like our home in Titusville we have no garage or shed, which makes living not easy. So we have been on the hunt, the marsh built sheds are $2,700, the plastic ones are $700-900, and we scored a "floor model" at Lowe's in Rio Grande. We got it for 50% off, but they wouldn't deliver it. The local "shed delivery guy" charges $500, and in the end "I don't want to touch that thing". 

     I asked my friend Mike, who was my senior man at Engine 13 when I first got on the Newark Fire Department for some help, and without him, my ideas of doing it would have turned into a shit show. But we did it. After we put on some new doors and a paint it to match "the house" we will be all set with no more having to bring stuff inside every time we leave. Good livin' now.